A Russian Tea Party

Hello from Olvera, Spain.

What would you put into a still life to show what what makes you feel at home?

My family has always enjoyed having tea together at least once a day. My sisters, my mother, my mother-in-law and my wife all love teapots and teacups from St. Petersburg, Russia. They're made by the artists at the Imperial Porcelain Manufacturer ("Lomonosov" to old timers), and I remember having something from there on the table all my life. My wife and I still enjoy having tea from one of these colorful teapots almost every day, and their imaginative designs bring beauty to our meals. These teapots are some of the objects that make our house "home."

To introduce these teapot paintings, here is a three-minute video of the first in the series. Find more paintings from the series below. Happy holidays from our home to yours.     

Daud Akhriev

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If you're curious about the Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory, you can find their website here. They have a great museum in St. Petersburg.