Calm Seas for 2017

Happy New Year 

One of my largest paintings describes searching for an anchor in a world which often seems to swerve slowly mad. "His World" debuted at the 2010 Hunter Museum Invitational Exhibition. The central figure is based on the fishermen I met in Essaouira, Morocco. 

(Русские субтитры в разделе "Настройки")

Artist Daud Akhriev describes his philosophy in "His World." A fine-art short by Helene Hayman.

Russian-Style Painting and Drawing Course

My son, Timur and I are teaching a six-week painting and drawing class at Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga.  Click here for the course information.

A dance based on "Spring," the bronze I made to flank the Market Street Bridge.

My wife discovered the performance on Youtube, and we thought it a very festive New Year find.  Enjoy, thanks to Jules Downum.

OPA Master Signature Award

Thank you Oil Painters of America for awarding me the status of Master Signature artist. I am grateful and honored.


My wife, Melissa's video can be linked HERE, instead of returning to the email you receive.

Until next time

Thanks for visiting the blog, taking time to watch the video short, and perhaps sharing your thoughts. Happy New Year, once again.

A Russian Tea Party

A Russian Tea Party

Drinking tea was a huge part of growing up in the former Soviet Union, and part of the ritual was beautiful teapots and teacups. These remain a part of our daily lives with my wife Melissa. Here's a 3-minute video introducing a new series of still life with my favorites cups, saucers and teapots.

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